Max Cleavage

Website Design Max Cleavage

Project Description:

  • Web Design
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Web Development
  • eCommerce

Max Cleavage is a web shop that sells lingerie, most notably its exclusive range of gel bras.

We were approached by Max Cleavage to create a web shop for them, but they wanted to have as much control over the content and updates as possible. As such, we created an extended CMS facility whereby they could change and edit almost any aspect of the design, styling and content. This has allowed to them to take a more hands-on approach to their website, making it rich in content and updated-frequently.

Since launching the original web shop, we have created several other lingerie websites for Max Cleavage, running from the same system, but with different front end designs. Each of the different websites appeals to different markets and countries, but all link back into the same admin system for order processing and management, which saves them the expense of having multiple systems.