Web Shop Features and Pricing

Our web shop has been in on-going development for seven years and we have hands-on experience from your perspective, as we run our own online shops using this very system. This has enabled us to see what the shop needs to do and where time and money can be saved for you and your staff. The web shop features have been built around this expertise and have resulted in a powerful engine that caters well for both your business and your customers. The pricing reflects our investment into the system and also the level of support and help that we provide after launch.

Top Web Shop Features: Things to save you time and impress your customers

Your Own Design

All web shop designs are created for your business. We don't use templates.

Unlimited Products

Sell as many different products as you want to, with our unlimited catalogue size.

Discount Campaigns

Sell off your stock using a combination of our many discount campaigns.

Bulk Order Processing

Process hundreds of orders in just a few easy steps, including fraud protection.

Amazon / Ebay

Increase your market share by selling on Amazon and Ebay through your web shop.

Search Engine Rank

Get visitors to your web shop with our comprehensive search engine promotion.

Customer Reviews

Allow customers to post product reviews and ratings to your website.

Secure Transactions

All transactions, including credit card payments and refunds, are 100% secure.

Fast and Scalable

Our web shop is fast and powerful enough to grow with your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions about our web shop and some of them come up repeatedly. Here is a selection of common queries and requests:

I've seen a great website and want my web shop to be as good.
Your web shop can have any visual appearance that you desire, as well as any functionality. If you've seen something elsewhere, send us the web address and tell us what it is you like about it. Whilst we obviously can't go around copying other business' websites, we'll definitely be able to create something equally as brilliant for yours.
I see websites that don't refresh the page when I do things like adding to basket.
Modern websites are able to update without refreshing the whole page. The technology involved is generally called 'Ajax' and our web shop is already making good use of these methods and to great benefit (for example when adding to basket). Customers respond well to fast and responsive websites and Ajax functionality does exactly this.

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If you have any questions about what we can offer you on the web, please get in touch by sending us an email or by calling on 0800 644 2640. We are happy to chat through the possibilities, pricing and any other issues or questions you may have.

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